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Fashion photographer in Milan

Streetstyle by Milan fashion photographer Elena Frassoni

Fashion Photography for Commercial and Social Influencers. Compelling commercial and social content fashion photography tailored for influencers and advertising campaigns. Art collaborations with designers and makeup artists, capturing the essence of Milan on its vibrant streets or within the confines of a studio setting. Additional assistance is available with experienced stylists and makeup artists upon request.
Milan’s streets are a canvas for street style photography, and its model photographers continually showcase the diverse and dynamic fashion culture. This city is a magnet for fashion enthusiasts, and opportunities abound for those with an eye for beauty, even in the role of a beauty photographer. Milan warmly welcomes all who aspire to make their mark, offering every chance to thrive in this dynamic fashion hub.

Fashion Photography for Bloggers and Media

As one of the premier cities in the fashion world, Milan beckons to renowned fashion designers, stylists, models, and fashion photographers, offering an atmosphere that captivates and inspires. The city provides endless opportunities for work and creativity, allowing fashion photographers to capture intriguing personalities on the streets and models on the runways. Milan sets trends, and the city’s unique charm ensures that anyone with a distinctive and stylish presence might find themselves gracing the pages of a fashion magazine, courtesy of a passing Milan fashion photographer.
For those passionate about fashion, Milan Fashion Week is a must-not-miss event, where creativity and style converge. Join the vibrant fashion community in Milan, and I look forward to seeing you there!

If you are looking for a passionate and professional photographer to collaborate with, I would be thrilled to work with you and create beautiful images that will leave a lasting impression.


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