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Elopement Photography

My name is Elena Frassoni and I am a Milan-based elopment & wedding photographer. One profound lesson I’ve learned from photographing elopements in Milan City is that no two elopements are alike. Each of you brings a unique essence, fearlessly embracing your individuality.

Romantic Elopement in Milan

Couples often opt for elopements or intimate weddings, choosing a more personal celebration over a grand affair. Whether it’s the cost of a wedding, previous marital experiences, the desire for a more intimate setting, the stress associated with planning a large event, family dynamics, or simply a preference to avoid the limelight – any of these reasons can prompt couples to forgo traditional formalities and choose the path of elopement.

Wedding Elopement Photography in Milan by Elena Frassoni

Milan unfolds as a city brimming with extraordinary places to explore—endless sights, activities, and culinary delights that may leave you wondering where to start. Drawing on my personal favorites in Milan and my close collaborations with esteemed vendors, I not only provide photography skills but also assist in crafting a seamless timeline for your day. This ensures optimal lighting conditions and a stress-free experience, as I bring to the table not just expertise but also a wealth of experience and passion.

Imagine your Milan wedding day as a unique and stress-free journey, tailored to fulfill your dreams. I stand by your side from the initial planning stages to the very end, ensuring that the memories captured are not just images but authentic representations of your best day ever in Milan. As we embark on this adventure together, rest assured that I'll be there to document every moment we've carefully orchestrated, resulting in a collection of memories that truly reflect the essence of you.

If you are looking for a passionate and professional photographer to collaborate with, I would be thrilled to work with you and create beautiful images that will leave a lasting impression.


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